5 Most Sexually Promiscuous Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

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(Photo: ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo: ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/GettyImages)

By Nadia Noir

When you think “promiscuous,” you might think of dirty Echo Park hipsters giving handlebar mustache “rides” or Hollywood party girls having one too many shots of Patron before waking up in some stranger’s bed, but you’d be totally wrong.

At least that’s what app Spreadsheets attests after it tracked Los Angeles’ sex-fueled activities. The app curated sex stats from 4, 290 Los Angeles area hook-ups which included how long the nookie took place.

Spreadsheet gave the info to L.A. Weekly and here’s what they discovered the top 5 locations for logged hook-ups are Santa Monica, Inglewood, Culver City, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

The top hook-up spot, Santa Monica (home of a younger demographic of liberal yupsters) was “11 times more sexually active than Beverly Hills” while Inglewood peeps hook up, at the longest, for five whole minutes.

Out of California’s hook-ups, Los Angeles has an amazing 69 percent of them which means, compared to our hippie and Silicon Valley friends up north, we’re good old-fashioned hoochies.

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