What’s Your Personality Based On Your In-N-Out Order?

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(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By Jordy Altman

In SoCal, In-N-Out orders are a serious business.

The famous burger joint may sport a small menu, but there’s an entire short-order of “Not-So-Secret” items that exist behind the board. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to order at In-N-Out. If you’re in the know, you’re good to go. And if you haven’t discovered the secret menu, we’re just as happy to introduce the uninitiated.

So what does your “usual” order say about your personality?

We tried as many combinations as we could afford, and asked the other patrons in the dining room what our orders said about our personality.


1×1 (one patty, one slice of cheese) – When we ordered one, we were having a “snack” or a “break.” When we ordered two, they wanted to why we didn’t order fries and drink. One burger – Too busy for a meal. Two burgers – Too forgetful to order the whole meal.

2×2 – We like to play it safe.

3×3 – We like to treat ourselves.

4×4 – “You must be a foodie.” Is foodie a nice way of saying “glutton” these days?

Plain Hamburger – Totally immature. This is kinda boring, and a “kiddy thing to order.”

Grilled Cheese – Most people said “practical,” one person said “economical,” and everybody assumed we were vegetarians.

Cheeseburger with Grilled onions & Chopped Chilis – Spicy food meant we had spicy personalities. Most people giggled, so we must have a great sense of humor.

Cheeseburger with Extra Toast – The Weird Trendsetters: the cashier said it was a weird item that is rarely ordered, but the two people behind us ordered the same thing.

Cheeseburger, Medium Rare – Picky Eater.
Cheeseburger 86 1000 island, sub ketchup/mustard – Burger Connoisseur.

Veggie Burger – We were now vegetarians. One table asked to try a bite, and many wanted to know if it was any good. Who knew vegetarians were so mysterious…


Regular Fries – Another snack-lover, as the person who only orders fries has “spare time and spare change,” which we’re pretty sure means “lazy slacker.”

Well Done Fries – It’s a “cute” order, and people wanted to know if we were from out-of-town.

Fries, No Salt – We have no moral fiber, as a majority of people asked if we were cheating on a diet.


Chocolate Shake – Chocoholic, but so is everybody else because over 50% of the diners had ordered one as well.

Vanilla Shake – 99% “boring,” and 1% “fruity.” NOTE: Vanilla is not a fruit.

Strawberry Shake – Surprising and unique. We have a great memory, because a number of customers forgot that In-N-Out had strawberry shakes.

Neapolitan Shake – This was a “fussy” order, and we must be rude to make the employees mix together something like that. NOTE: The cashier said it was her favorite thing to order on the menu.


Hamburger Combo with fries and a Coke – We are happy and very friendly. We like the classics. One person asked if drove the convertible parked outside.

Animal Style Double-Double with Animal Style Fries and a Chocolate Shake – This was split – the cashiers said we were “awesome,” while the customers said we were “silly” or “dangerous.” Awesome, silly, and dangerous? Sounds like we’re a cast member on Jackass.

“Same thing my friend just ordered, but I can have an In-N-Out hat with mine?” – LOL, we’re so crazy.

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