“Hammered” Charlie Sheen Chats With Fan At Local Taco Bell Drive-Thru

By Nadia Noir

In what could easily be a guerilla viral video for Taco Bell, home of the fourth and fifth meals, Charlie Sheen shows up in the drive-thru of a local Taco Bell and chats with a couple in a car.

“That’s the Taco Bell by my apartment,” says a Youtube commenter with a creepy clown icon. “Ventura Blvd and Hazeltine.” So, we’re guessing it’s the same Taco Bell in Sherman Oaks that 20-something version of this author used to get drunken midnight kids meals.

In one winning swoop of awesomeness, a self-admittedly hammered Sheen expresses both interest and concern in the couple, asking them if they are fighting. He then shows them his tattoos including a Charlie Brown, and gets dragged away from the conversation by his sensible friend Gary.

“Let ’em go,” says Gary, probably ready to scarf down a couple of Quesaritos. Gary, Sheen’s publicist is probably giving you a percentage of his bonus after possibly saving Sheen from doing something totally weird.

Although, despite being renowned for his previous intoxicated antics, Sheen is a total gentleman.Which might mean we were right about this being a guerilla marketing campaign, since Sheen’s amicable radness is just inherently promoting Taco Bell as the “fifth meal” of winners.





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