Los Angeles Minimum Wage Could Increase To $15/Hour

By Nadia Noir

Angelenos might be going through a literal drought, but if the Los Angeles Workers Assembly and Peoples Power Assemblies get their way many would see their figurative monetary drought go away.

Los Angeles Workers Assembly and Peoples Power Assemblies issued a new ballot proposal that would increase minimum wage from $9 to $15. That’s a $6 increase. But that would be only for Angelenos. California is already planning to raise their minimum wage to $10 by January 2016, but cost of living in Los Angeles is way more than in other areas. The same goes for San Franciso who has their Mayor, Ed Lee, gunning for a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour as well.

If someone is working 40 hours a week at $9/hr, they will make about $1440 before taxes. At $15/hr, they will be making $2,400. That’s almost a grand more a month.

The ballot for this measure still needs 61,000 signatures, but that shouldn’t be hard in a state full of economically-depressed peoples. If voted for, larger businesses would have to raise their minimum wage immediately. Small businesses and non-profits get another two years.


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