More Couples Turning To Marriage Sabbaticals To Overcome Relationship Hurdles

IRVINE ( — It seems fewer couples are staying together, and relationship experts say more people faced with that fact are taking breaks to solve their problems.

It’s a new trend called marriage sabbaticals.

“It helps them to really regroup, rejuvenate and look within to find their identities,” family therapist Fran Walfish said. “But in a marriage sabbatical, both partners separate for just a defined short amount of time and hope to return to the marriage.”

Walfish said some couples argue absence makes the heart grow fonder. But she often finds the problems are waiting for the couples when they reunite.

“When they come back, those issues have been tucked under the rug, and it makes it harder to dig in and get to those issues,” the therapist said.

Irvine newlyweds Ashley and Jeff Cader were together for nearly 10 years before they tied the knot.



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