Munchie Report: Fried Chicken Oreos Are Rumored To Exist

By Nadia Noir

Someone Instagrammed a picture that we’ll give you a minute to take in. What’s it of? Fried Chicken Oreos. Yep.

Now, no one knows if it’s real or not, but crazy-flavored junk food is cropping up left and right these days (hello, Cappuccino Lays) because humanity is bored with regular-flavored things. They want things to be really extreme or really disgusting or just really shocking provoking so they can add some oral excitement to their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills binge sessions.

Oreo flavors like Limeade and Peanut Butter Cup have already legitimately paved their delicious way onto the public tastebuds.

If anyone sees these Fried Chicken Oreos out there (and they’re not just a cruel photoshop trick), you know what to do. Share or else.


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