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Ronald McDonald Does The Ice Bucket Challenge & It’s Super Creepy

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(Photo by Mladen Antonov//Getty Images)

(Photo by Mladen Antonov//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

Despite its super good intentions and seeing hotties in bikinis covered in skin-puckering ice water, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become an annoying brand of “slacktivism” that’s been blowing up our social media feeds. It’s cool when celebrities and big companies actually donate money to the cause (you can learn how to donate here), but we feel like its time to cool off on this ice cold viral altruism.

Especially when Coca-Cola challenges McDonald’s Ronald McDonald to get iced. The creepy clown covers himself in ice cubes and then after an exclamatory “whoooo” claims that he feels “great” and “refreshed.” The next intended victim of the Ice Bucket Challenge according to RoMcDo? Redheads.

Does that mean all gingers or is he specifically calling out the Wendy’s girl? Since this movement seems never-ending, we shall see.

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