Is Los Angeles One Of The Most Influential Cities In The World?

By Nadia Noir

Just barely. Scrapping through at a tie with our sibling rival to the north–the San Francisco Bay Area–Los Angeles came in at number 10.

Forbes’ Joel Kotkin teamed up with an urban geographer named Ali Modares, a former Accenture analyst named Aaron Renn, and a demographer named Wendell Cox to asses the influence that cities around the world have on the rest of the world. Influence was determine by eight categories says Forbes: foreign direct investment, concentration of corporations, dominate business niches, air connectivity, producer services, racial diversity, and technology and media power.

Kotkin says in Forbes that the reason Los Angeles rated so low comparatively was that it doesn’t have a lot of “corporate headquarters” and the “number of business niches we dominate has downsized severely in the last generation.” The one industry no one can compete with anywhere? The entertainment industry.

The most influential city in the world? London, apparently.

1. London
2. New York
3. Paris
4. Singapore
5. Tokyo
6. Hong Kong
7. Dubai
8. Beijing (tie)
8. Sydney (tie)
10. Los Angeles (tie)
10. San Francisco Bay Area (tie)


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