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Disgruntled Coca-Cola Employee Spikes “Michael” Bottles With Dirt

By Jordy Altman Does your Coke taste like dirt? Don’t worry, so do 1,999,999 other bottles. Yesterday morning, Coca-Cola spokesperson Gabriella Sanchez held a press conference where the company announced a recall of all 20oz […]

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Munchie Report: Gonna Eat This Burger, But First #LetMeTakeASelfie…With 3-D Mayo

By Nadia Noir While everyone was worried people were going to make weapons from 3-D printers, it seems like the world is more obsessed with making their favorite pastime–eating–even more experimental. A British mayonnaise brand, […]


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Baskin-Robbins Giving Angelenos $1.31 Scoops Of Their 31 Flavors On The 31st Of Every Month This Year

By Nadia Noir Los Angeles, we might be in the middle of a massive drought that has been deemed more “dire” than originally suspected, but we’ll never run out of perfect sunny days, good vibes, […]


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Where To Get $1 Hot Dogs & A Free Milkshake For National Hot Dog Day

By Nadia Noir Today, we celebrate a great American pastime–putting a slab of processed meat into two toasty buns. It’s National Hot Dog Day and to celebrate two major hot dog purveyors are selling this […]


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Munchie Report: Fried Chicken Oreos Are Rumored To Exist

By Nadia Noir Someone Instagrammed a picture that we’ll give you a minute to take in. What’s it of? Fried Chicken Oreos. Yep. Now, no one knows if it’s real or not, but crazy-flavored junk […]