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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Coming To Southern California!

Living in Los Angeles just got a whole lot better. Dunkin Donuts is planning a major expansion into Southern California, meaning the donut and coffee shop is coming soon to a location near you! No […]

93.1 Jack FM–01/16/2013

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Giant Squids Invade Southern California

You may not know this, but you will soon enough. The invasion of Southern California has begun. Not by killer bees, not by zombies, but by squids. There are thousands, maybe millions of them off […]

93.1 Jack FM–01/07/2013

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World’s Largest Round Pizza? NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR JACK FM

WE HUNGRYYYY. Pizza pizza pizza mmmmm give it to us now. We would like our wedding catered by pizza, our child to be half-pizza, the moon would be most awesome if it was pizza, and […]


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Doritos–Now In Beer & Bacon Battered Deep Fried Flavour!

Want to impress your girlfriend’s father with your excellent knowledge of politics, classic rock, and obscure sports trivia (tennis, what’s that?), but too busy trying to figure out what holiday dish you’re bringing to the […]


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Coffee Straight From An Elephant’s Butt

It’s a strange world we live in. Saying, “This coffee tastes like it came out of an elephant’s ass!” could now be considered a compliment. That’s because of Black Ivory Coffee, a special gourmet “brew”, […]


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The Cult Of The McRib Celebrates Early Release Date

Merry Christmas from McDonalds. Your gift? The early release of the McRib sandwich: December 17, just days before the end of the world on the 21st. Thank goodness for small indulgences before the apocalypse. It’s […]


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Best Nachos In Los Angeles? We’ll Be The Judge Of That.

Los Angeles is a culinary bastion of awesome food, most notably our enviable Mexican cuisine. While the modern nacho isn’t exactly classic Mexican fare, where there are herbal medicinals of the Snoop Dogg-appreciated variety, there […]


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Bacon Makes Anything And Everything Better, Even Shaving Cream

Here’s a question for you: what is the greatest thing in the world? The answer is simple: bacon. Yes, bacon is the greatest thing in the world. Ever. We’re not joking. Greater than the Mona […]



Free Tacos and $2 Burritos? JACK FM’s Got You Covered

Did somebody say FREE TACO? You damn straight we did. On Tuesday, October 30th from 2-6pm you can hit up your local Taco Bell establishment and demand one (1) free Doritos Loco Taco and they’ll […]