Thanks for an awesome JACK'S 9TH SHOW! Check out these Photos and Recap from the show. 

Sticker Pimp Maggie

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maggie page Sticker Pimp Maggie

Sticker Pimp Maggie
Favorite Quote: “Take every risk. Drop every fear”
Hidden Talent: underwater basket weaving
Guilty Pleasure: Faking different accents to get free drinks
Arch Nemesis: Justin Bieber
Nickname: $ugar Momma
If we took requests, I’d request: A raise
Favorite adult beverage: Jameson whisky
Super Power: Convincing people that all of their drunk ideas are good ideas
Worst Habit: Getting “white girl wasted” with fellow sticker pimp Alli (although, this could also qualify as a “best habit”)
Twitter: @StickerPimpMags

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