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Happy New Year! Let’s Make 2012 Our Year

It’s that fresh New Year smell! Man, 2011 seems like it was ages ago! Remember how many scandals hit the news? Remember how savage protests manifested everywhere? Remember when Kim Kardashian was a thing? Glad […]


2012 New Year

No Commercials For A Happy New Year

Our resolution?  No More Commercials!! Well, at least for the evening. You heard us correctly – on the final day of 2011, we’re treating our loyal listeners to a commercial-free jaunt through a buncha kick-ass […]


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Yes And Genesis Members Form New Band…Squackett

We know “squackett” sounds like some sort of hybrid of squash and racquetball but it’s actually a band name. Chris Squire of [mp3com-artist]YES[/mp3com-artist] and Steve Hackett, formerly of [mp3com-artist]Genesis[/mp3com-artist], are forming a new band called Squackett. […]



Tami Heide Remembers The Year That Was 2011

See ya later 2011. Come ‘ere 2012. Finally, a year chock-full of Jacktivities has come to an end, which means Tami Heide can finally stop taking her meds. Does she remember how the year has […]



Dr. Cranfill Remembers The Year That Was 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012. With the year coming to a close, we thought we’d ask our resident Doctor Cranfill to kick back, relax, and recall his favorite moments of the year.


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Exclusive: Black Sabbath Announce Tour, New Album With Original Line Up – Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, And Bill Ward

They’re back! Finally, Ozzy has made it through the last level of Hell and come out on the other side. We were just as shocked as you to find the final level was “reality TV,” […]


[Exclusive] Jack FM Presents: Man VS. Del Taco

Just how caliente was Week One of the Jack FM/Del Taco Sticker contest? We sent one of Jack FM’s own to check it out… Verdict: The Jack FM/Del Taco Sticker contest is hotter than a […]


TRON: The Animated Series?

Christmas 2010 came and went, but one man seems to have more staying power than Santa Claus: Jeff Bridges. Fresh out of the smash box office weekend, Bridges had two blockbusters topping the charts over a most […]


The Trailer Park : 2012

Dr. Cranfill reviews 2012