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80’s Music Videos Were Nothing More Than Hot Chicks And Cars

This is not up for discussion. This is not up for debate. We have many, many music videos to back our claim.


The 80’s Go All Industrial

As you probably know, it’s a Flashback to the 80’s Memorial Day weekend here on Jack FM. But Jack FM isn’t alone in our love for music from the mostly androgynous decade. Das Bunker, LA’s […]


8 Ways To Throw An 80’s Themed Memorial Day BBQ

Sick and tired of throwing bogus Memorial Day parties? Annoyed when your guests jump the fence to attend your neighbor’s BBQ? Fret no more! If you want to have the best grill-out on the block, you need […]


Add Your Picture to the JACK FM 1980’s Yearbook!!!

  Weren’t we all just GLORIOUS in the 80’s? Wanna be a part of our 80’s Weekend? Check out some pictures of JACK FM Employee’s AND JACK FM Listeners from the 1980’s – don’t forget […]


Flashback To The 80’s – All 80’s, All Memorial Weekend

Ok, who spiked the punch? This flashback is hitting us hard. May 28-30, JACK FM is playing the very best that 1980-1989 has to offer, all for your Memorial Day enjoyment. Seen our 80’s Yearbook yet? […]


Lil Jon’s Crazy Cover of Twisted Sister’s WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT…

… is everything you expect. AND MORE.


Macho Man Randy Savage Dead After Heart Attack, Car Accident

It doesn’t matter what decade you come from – growing up is a challenge. As young boys we were lectured by every commercial, pop song, teacher, each telling us the most important lesson in life […]


Flashback To The 80’s – All 80’s, All Weekend

Uh oh, we’re having another flashback. April 8-10, JACK FM is playing the very best that 1980-1989 has to offer, completely FREE OF CHARGE*! *Leg Warmers and Jerry Curl are not included. Turn your dial […]


Tattoo Parlors That Could Be Named After 80’s Bands

Ever noticed that the coolest bands from the 80’s could reopen as tattoo parlors? Seriously, who wouldn’t wait in line to get a tattoo at [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]The Fixx[/lastfm]? Seems like there are dozens of 80’s […]




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