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Discontinued Chocolate Snacks From The ’90s For National Chocolate Day

By Nadia Noir Candy got us through those crazy years called the ’90s. Candy, Mr. Pibb, Cactus Cooler, morning cartoons, and MTV Beach House. And the ’90s were a great time for sweet snack experimentation. […]


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’90s Food and Drinks That Are Due For A Comeback

By Britt Bickel It was recently announced defunct ’90s cola Crystal Pepsi may be poised for a comeback in some soon-to-be revealed fashion. This comes after popular Coca-Cola soft drink Surge was re-introduced by the […]


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#Jacks10thShow: How To Have CyberSex In The ’90s (NSFW-Ish)

By Nadia Noir At this point, internet sexin’ isn’t just normal–it’s pretty boring. We’re all hooking up IRL thanks to apps like Tinder or sites like OK Cupid, but finding some random participant on an […]


What's more cheesy 90s than the Backstreet Boys? (Photo by Diane Freed/Hulton Archive)

#Jacks10thShow: 93 Things You Did In The ’90s That You Probably Don’t Do Now

By Nadia Noir The ’90s were this halcyon and electric time when the economy was still pretty awesome, our country wasn’t plagued by wars (other than the Gulf War), and we went from the decadent, […]


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#JACKs10thShow: ’90s Era ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ Website Still Exists…And It’s Still Cool

By Nadia Noir  Remember when promotional websites were fun and not just a bunch of words and times and places? Well, Universal Studios created a website for Jurassic Park II a/k/a The Lost World: Jurassic Park and […]


What's more cheesy 90s than the Backstreet Boys? (Photo by Diane Freed/Hulton Archive)

’90s Banned Commercial Parody Is Dark Comedy Genius [Video]

By Jordy Altman The ’90s were a radical time for advertisers. Everything was awesome, tubular, or extra cool. Neon green and safety cone orange were staples of the American wardrobe, and nobody cared if you […]


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The Best Christmas Toys Through The Decades

Some toys come and go, others leave their mark on society, and come Christmas time, these toys were a must have. JACK is flashing back, remembering some of the best toys from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Did you have a favorite? Let us know.

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Courtney Love says Kurt Cobain ‘Wanted Fame Bad,’ Contrary to Myth

“He wrote to every major, minor label: ‘We’ll pay. Let us be on your label.’ He was desperate to be the biggest rock star in the world. But he made it look like it was thrust upon him.”


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#FlashbackFriday: MTV Interviews ’90s Nirvana Fans About Seattle Music Scene

By Nadia Noir Imagine if you became famous and every person you kinda-sorta knew from growing up weighed in on your music and your life via national television? That’s what happens in this interview from […]


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Watch This Amazing ’90s Alt-Rock Vocal Supercut

By Nadia Noir The ’90s are back in full force. Alien earrings and slacker music are the hot trending thing with teens these days, while we adults are digging out our dusty old Doc Martens […]