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FLASHBACK Jack: 5 Best Berlin Singles

Terri Nun was basically a new wave sex goddess and she made everyone the happy victim of her pleasure. Songs like “The Metro” and “Sex (I’m A)” hinted at something lusciously seedy within the heart […]


Berlin Sex I'm A Man

Berlin “Sex (I’m A)” – Music Video And Lyrics

Hello Tami and Jack FM – It was a woman’s voice I heard it Sunday around midnight. The lyrics I heard where ”Feel My Love Inside You It’s So Right”.  “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner was on […]


Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Sean”

Hey Tami! Hello my name is Sean I was just wondering if you could help me with a song I heard on the radio the other day. It played on November 30th at 5:08 PM […]