Iron Maiden


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Exposes Battle with Cancer

Doctors found a tumor on the back of the vocalist’s tongue.


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Now You Know: Iron Maiden Makes Beer

The English are known for their expert ability at inebriation, so it makes sense that British heavy metal gods, Iron Maiden, know how to brew up some badass beer. The musicians have teamed up with […]


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Senior Citizen Iron Maiden Fans Charged With “Noise Revenge”

Two anonymous senior citizens in the infamously peace-loving city of Stockholm, Sweden are facing charges of harassment thanks to their late night blasting of Iron Maiden‘s tune “Afraid To Shoot Strangers.” The wife, 71, and […]


Joey Belladonna and Scott Ian of Anthrax/photo credit: Maria Ives

Behind The Song: Anthrax’s ‘I’m Alive’

Anthrax’s “I’m Alive” has had a long road to the GRAMMYs. There song has gone through changes to the title and lyrics, the band went through three singers and the country has a different President […]


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Black Sabbath Tops Led Zeppelin On Poll Of Most Important British Hard Rock Bands

Who’s the best hard rock band ever? It’s a subjective – and loaded – question. But according to a poll recently taken by BPI – the British Recording Industry’s trade group – Black Sabbath is the most important British hard rock band ever, followed by Iron Maiden.


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Summer Concert Tour Guide

Summer‘s here, which means the time is right for dancing in the seats (or on the lawn, if you’re on a tight budget.) As the temperature rises, rock, pop and country tours tend to leave […]


Baby Car Rock

Who’s The Cooler Kid In A Carseat? Iron Maiden Toddler Or Led Zeppelin Baby?

No seriously… these two-year-olds are more awesome than you.


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Lip Sync Rebels feat: Nirvana, Iron Maiden And More…

Sometimes when bands play live, they have the audacity to demand to be allowed to play their own instruments and sing their own songs. Not all stages are willing to give in to these [sarcasm] outrageous [/sarcasm] […]


Iron Maiden Get Wasted, Can Barely ‘Remember Tomorrow’

Shots! Shots! Shots! Everybody! More specifically an odd-number of Slippery Nipples and some Jager Bombs. Oh, and about 200 glasses of everything else on the menu. Thanks! Just charge it to [lastfm]Iron Maiden[/lastfm]¬†and leave the […]


Iron Maiden Heads To “The Final Frontier”

Throw up the devil horns and loosen those neck muscles – Britain’s original metal band is back! Get the details on [lastfm]Iron Maiden[/lastfm]’s brand new album after the jump!