5 Wildest Political Rants by MusiciansThis is what happens when artists use their platform to share their strong opinions.
Ted Nugent Shares Video of Bernie Sanders Shooting Hillary ClintonThe noted gun rights advocate posted a clip that is sure draw the ire of the Democrats, and reasonable minded folks everywhere.
Ted Nugent Draws Widespread Criticism for Anti-Semitic, Gun Control RantIn a second post, Nugent denied being an anti-semite.
Ted Nugent Champions Donald Trump, He's the 'Hellraiser' America NeedsA match made in political heaven.
Newsflash: Ted Nugent Doesn't Like Gun-Free ZonesTo the Nuge, a "gunfree" zone = "suicidal insanity."
Ted Nugent on Obama's Speech: 'The President is a Pathological Liar and America Hating Goon'Nuge states that the President "Calls gay NBA guys heroes but doesn't call real heroes that sacrificed for freedom."
Ted Nugent Remembers 9/11, As Only He Can"Never forget how failed 'leadership' allowed 9/11."
Ted Nugent Calls for the Arrest of Bill Cosby and Rev. Al Sharpton"Dear 'Justice' System, Either arrest and indict Bill Cosby for rape and Al Sharpton for tax evasion or finally admit that there are two sets of laws."
Ted Nugent: 'Donald Trump's the Good Guy, Megyn Kelly Ain't'"I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, although I often turn on Fox just to look at her."
Ted Nugent Says America Cares More about a Lion Than Its Troops"Shame on all who know the name of a lion but not the US Military heroes who were gunned down by the subhuman allahpuke in Chattanooga."
Ted Talks: Nugent Weighs in on Cecil the Lion Debate"God are people stupid" - Ted Nugent
Tom Morello and His New Label Are 'Making Music with a Purpose'In our interview, Morello explains his friendship with Ted Nugent, describes his relationship with Chris Cornell and reveals why he wants Bassnectar to stop talking about his album.

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