Abraham Lincoln

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Jacked Up News: Beard Stylist Wanted ‘Srs Bsns’

In search of a new look that emulates that of ZZ Top, Ol’ St Nick, or just a good ol’ grimey lumberjack? While growing manly bristles of facial hair can be frustrating for many men, […]


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Jack FM Goes To The Library And Reads The Books Behind The Films

Movies are always better when they are based off a book. That is a fact. If it’s a best-selling novel, it will undoubtedly be a best-selling film.


Ask Tami: What’s That Song? “Beatles song for sure”

    What day date and time, am or pm, did you hear it on JACK FM? -January 07, 2011 (today), about between 10AM-12PM What songs played before and after the song in question? -No idea. […]