Ace of Base

Ace Of Base: New Album, New Video (This Is Actually Happening)

We told you weeks ago that a new Ace of Base single, [lastfm]All For You[/lastfm], had been sent to radio stations and that the reformed band featured two new singers, along with production aces Jonas […]


Ace Of Base…Really?

There’s a recession going on, millions of gallons of oil are floating in the Gulf of Mexico and we’re fighting two wars. And now? [lastfm]Ace of Base[/lastfm] is coming back. Is this a good development…or […]


VIDEO: Donkey Kong Set to Ace of Base

We’re glad to see the technological mega-advancement known as the “Internet” has served another noble purpose: sharing this video of some dude playing 1994’s Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo set to [lastfm]Ace of […]