Layne Staley of Alice In Chains (Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Top 10 Rock Star Drug Overdoses

Sadly, the history of rock is littered with tales of immense talent being snuffed by addiction to lethal narcotics. Here is our breakdown of 10 of the worst-case scenarios when rock stars got mixed up with hard drugs and lost.


12th Annual Audience Choice Awards

Harry Potter Loves To Get Drunk

Everyone’s favorite pint-size wizard used to fight a lot more than Death Eaters. Who kept serving the kid Butterbeer?? [photogallerylink id=42704 align=left] In a just released interview with the British arm of GQ, Daniel Radcliffe […]


[Video] Woman Addicted To Eating COUCHES

When TLC began airing My Strange Addiction,┬áit did not disappoint. The combination of strangers with obscure addictions is like crack cocaine to the avid reality show fanatic. Loonies of all shapes and sizes square up […]