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Travel Checklist For The Southern California Jetsetter

Everything you should bring along the next time you fly.



Sassy Flight Attendant Grabs His Passenger’s Full Attention

By Adam Bookbinder You may not know this since you probably never pay attention, but before a flight takes off, there are instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.  Knowing that most […]


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Top 20 Things That Happened In 1980

Today’s Flasback ’80s Song of The Day in honor of  Jack FM’s Flashback Prom with A Flock Of Seagulls is “What I Like About You” by none other than The Romantics themselves. The song came out in 1980, […]



Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant’s Comedic Safety Announcement

It’s the most important part of any flight and it can save your life, but very few people ever pay attention.  It comes in the form of a video or live presentation. But one Southwest Airlines […]


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Woman Kicked Off Plane For Singing Whitney Houston Song

When we envision sonic terrorism, its more of a high-pitched squeal emitted by alien life forms in space trying to scramble our brains. But an airline recently kicked a woman off a plane for singing […]


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Green Day Red In The Face As Full Moon Hits Blue Sky

Rock stars have been booted from the stage for centuries. Long acts, crude lyrics, loud guitars, late nights… all good reasons watch our favorite musician get torn away from the stage in a fit of […]


Remembering The King Of Parody Leslie Nielsen

Take a moment. Look at this photo. Notice anything goofy? Airplane! surely was a great film. The Naked Gun trilogy surely brings some of the funniest moments in movie history. And Leslie Nielsen? Surely one […]


Pranks On A Plane

If you’re the guy filming this, you’re probably pretty tried of these mother flippin’ pranks on the mother flippin’ plane.  However, if you’re like the rest of us and watching him panic that he’s within […]