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Scientist With Unpronounceable Name Claims “Unequivocal Proof” Of Extraterrestrial LIfe

First alleged DNA evidence that Bigfoot exists, and now this, “the presence of structures… (that) could be construed as unequivocal proof of biology.” That’s what Chandra Wickramasinghe, the director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology […]

93.1 Jack FM–01/18/2013

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Alien Space Cathedral–Not Just An Awesome Band Name, But Apparently A Building Scientologists Own

Scientology. Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is one of the most mysterious organizations in the world, and they’ve virtually become a staple in the Los Angeles community with so many celebrities become devout scientologists. […]


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UFOs Appear On Google Maps’ Street Views In Texas & New Mexico

There are conspiracies that Google is trying to take over the world and, as evidenced from the pink UFOs that have been appearing on the street views of their Google Maps (which is creepy anyway, […]


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We Come In Peace! New UFO Secrets Revealed This September

Area 51 is calling your name young grasshopper, shall you join the alien race or perish? The Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum will reveal confidential secrets regarding UFOs. The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas […]


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Michael Bay To Remake Ninja Turtles Movie, Changes Them To Aliens?!

Michael Bay is a bully. He took our Transformers and held them hostage for years. He’s taken our Battleship board game and added so many crazy rules and side-quests that it doesn’t even make sense […]


Summer School: The 9 Greatest Planets Ever

Someone was a bad, bad girl.  One of of the writers is turning in her homework late. She was assigned to write the 9 Greatest Planets Ever during Summer School’s Astronomy Week, and she is […]


Greatest Sci-Fi Shows of All Time

Jack’s Summer School is in session, and Rocket Science class has got us thinking about our favorite Sci-Fi shows of all time.


Cowboys And Aliens Looks BRILLIANT

  Cowboys? Check. Aliens? Check. Daniel Craig? Check. Harrison Ford? Check. Outstanding director Jon Favreau adapting a graphic novel? Checkity check check check. We don’t want to come across as overly excited about this film, but […]


Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

First, America was obsessed with witches and warlocks. After that, it was time for the vampire to rule Hollywood. Always close behind were the undead, and with The Walking Dead it seems that zombies are […]


Elvis Telepathically Communicated With Aliens

Long gone are the days of National Enquirer shock stories (we have the celeb-crazed internet bloggers for that), but learning that [lastfm]Elvis Presley[/lastfm] had a thing for little green men makes us miss those fake ten […]