Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spider-Man

The BRAND NEW Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Revealed!

First Batman and now Spider-Man? Is it Christmas? Check out the brand spankin’ new trailer for the latest Spider-Man reboot – The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring Andrew Garfield (that guy from the Facebook movie), Rhys Ifans […]


Our Spidey Sense Is Tingling As New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Gets A Start Date

See ya later, Tobey Maguire. Hellooo, Andrew Garfield.  There’s a new Spidey in town and a whole new crime wave to get all caught up in his web.  Production for the next installment of the […]


Full ‘The Social Network’ Trailer Goes Live!

We told you previously about Trent Reznor signing on to score the upcoming film The Social Network, based on the story of Facebook’s creation. The film is still three months from an October release, but […]


And The New Spiderman Is Andrew Garfield

Some guy named Andrew Garfield is technically more than just “some guy.” But not by much. Find more about the British actor and what the director of the Spiderman reboot had to say about him after […]