Angry Birds

(Photo by Peter Parks//Getty Images)

Angry Birds Featuring A Freddie Mercury Bird For Freddie For A Day 2013

What do Freddie Mercury and Angry Birds have in common? Besides a mass appeal, really nothing, but Queen has collaborated with the popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, for Freddie For A Day 2013 to help […]


Angry Birds the Movie

Angry Birds: The Movie, As Played By Beautiful Gun-Slinging Women

Sure, it’s unofficial. Sure, it’s a ripoff of Snatch. Sure, it looks completely unrealistic. But we hear they reveal how to beat level 3-2 in the credits… so…


Celebrate Thanksgiving With The Angry Birds

Tomorrow brings usĀ Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes family, food, drinking, and yelling. At least that’s what happens at our Thanksgiving (did we mention we eat TurBaconEpic?) Before you chow down and get cozy with your […]