Rate My Crazy: Doggelganger Or Cat Lady?

Somebody help us out, because we’re very confused. You see, there is a website on the internet that will take a picture of your face and then match it to your canine doppelgänger – YOUR […]


This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!


Elton John Plans ‘Animal Farm’ Musical

George Orwell’s Animal Farm haunted our dreams when we had it as a high school English literature prerequisite. Vicious animals, confusing political throw-downs; it had just about everything required for our mean English teacher to assign us […]


You Know What Your Life Needs More Of? Batman Pug!

We’ve all been there: a friend tries to show off the language skills of their child or pet, and we don’t want to be rude, so we nod in agreement, but really it just sounds […]


Please Refrain From Feeding The Llamas

Also, refrain from feeding, petting and taunting them, actually.  These bad boys seem tame and hungry but what they want is sweet human love, and you do not want to be their chosen mate, especially […]


New Gator at the L.A. Zoo

Remember Reggie the Alligator who was captured in Lake Machado in Harbor City after being dumped as an unwanted pet a few years back? Well, Reggie was a crafty gator who eluded trappers for years, […]


Dancing Dog Hypnotizes You

Very few things can capture our attention like an animal, but a animal that can really feel the beat on bad music is so much more alluring than pretty much anything we can think of. […]