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Study: People Can’t Survive, Think Properly Without Their iPhones

By Nadia Noir This is a hypothetical conversation that comes up at the dinner table of many a 30-something: Can you survive without your phone? Most answer “yes” because we’re in that special age-group that […]


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10 Songs For The Winter Solstice…Because It’s Not JUST The End Of The World

Apocalypse this, apocalypse that. Today is also the Winter Solstice, or in less pagan terms, the first day of winter. All morning long, we’ve been freaked out about the “end of the world,” and somewhere, […]


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13 Songs To Get You Through The Apocalypse (With Only Minor Cuts And Bruises)

According to various interpretations of the Mayan calendar, the world as we know it is set to comes to a cataclysmic end on December 21, 2012, Hey, that’s this Friday! Since we only have a […]


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Time To Take Care Of Your Apocalypse Checklist. What Men Want? More Sex. Umm, Duh?

Our favorite studies are the studies that don’t actually need to be studied like the questions: what would you most regret if the world ended? In the biggest duh moment of our measly little human […]


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Mayans Totally DGAF About Mayan Apocalypse

You know who doesn’t care about the Mayan apocalypse? Mayans. ‘Cuz, like, they are actually worried about realistic things like breathing, eating, living, you know the basics, instead of some wacko conspiracy theories that started […]



Annular Solar Eclipse To Occur Sunday

As Johnny Cash once preached, we might just fall into a burnin’ ring of fire. This Sunday morning will be on fire. No literally, the sun is turning into a ring of fire, due to […]


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[Video] The Four UFOs Of The Apocalypse Sighted In London

We never thought the human race would be obliterated by our beloved E.T, though it’s hard to argue with this new footage of a London UFO sighting. Five, maybe even six flying saucers circle the […]


Dumpy Little Building Scene of Death and Destruction

The Dumpy Little Building in Beautiful Downtown Culver City should be pretty easy to spot this weekend.