Homeland Security Wants You To Prepare For Zombie Apocalypse, Seriously

Next time the country is on red alert, you might wanna get out your wooden stakes and fire guns. Apparently, Homeland Security is encouraging United States citizens to fully prepare for the “zombie apocalypse.” How […]


Long Beach Zombie Walk

Totally Awesome Thing You Can Buy For $1,000: Zombie Survival Kits

We here at Jack believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is inevitable. And of course we’re prepared for that fateful day. Instead of saving the money you won in JACK CASH, why not save your life?


Ames / JPL-Caltech / NASA via Getty Images

It’s Theee Eeend of the World as We Know It

Like it or not, the world is ending.  Are you prepared? Well, we know you all too well, so the brain-trust at Jack FM has your back. We’ve compiled a list of the ten essential […]