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Apple Watch Will Let You Buy Junk Food Without The Extra Effort Of Taking Money Out

By Nadia Noir Science fiction always joked/threatened/warned of the day when we’d all have a barcode embedded inside of us that not only ID’d us but served as a way for us to pay for […]


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Did Apple Kill the iPod Classic Too Soon?

And did they help to create an iPod black market by doing so?


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‘Hairgate’ Is the Latest iPhone 6 Complaint

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – The latest complaint among iPhone 6 owners on social media is the smartphone is allegedly ripping out chunks of hair. An iPhone 6 Plus owner posted on 9to5mac.comcomplaining that when using the […]


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New LA Clippers Owner Bans Team From Using Apple Products

By Jordy Altman Sorry if this news is late, but when this press release was originally pushed out to everyone with a Hotmail account, we were left in the dust. It’s official: the Clippers are […]


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U2 is Working on Another Surprise Project With Apple

U2 giving away their album for free via iTunes isn’t the only surprise project the band has in store for fans. It’s not even the only surprise project they have in the works with Apple.


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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Sells Out In Record Time

By Nadia Noir  Trying to pre-order a new iPhone 6+? Well, tech geek, you’re out of luck for awhile. According to Mashable, the iPhone 6 Plus didn’t just sell-out but the an Apple spokesperson told […]


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Apple CEO Tim Cook Introduces 2 New, Larger iPhones, Smart Watch At Cupertino Flint Center Event

CUPERTINO (CBS SF) — Apple’s chief executive officer took the stage at the company’s product launch event in Cupertino Tuesday to announce two new versions of the iPhone. Cook showed off the iPhone 6 and […]


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6 Ways To Get To The Front Of The Line For The iPhone 6 Launch

By Jordy Altman  Apple is gearing up to unveil the new iPhone 6 during their annual Keynote event on September 9th. Smartphone super fans all over California will be crowing around their MacBooks to watch […]



U2 Denies Report Their New Album Will Help Launch iPhone 6

The band has let it be known that they’re not springing their 13th album as part of the upcoming Apple campaign for the next iPhone.


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Bono Calls Apple a ‘Religious Cult’ & ‘F***ing Annoyingly Quiet’ About Their Support For His RED Charity

Bono had a bone to pick with Apple over their extremely low key support of his charity, (Red) so he decided to let them know in the most public place imaginable.