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Jenna Jameson Arrested For Battery After Making Citizen’s Arrest

Well-known porn star Jenna Jameson is known for implementing a different kind of battery power in her good cop/bad cop routine. Usually it’s all just a game for the camera and she goes home, puts […]


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Now You Know: It’s Illegal To Aim A Laser Pointer At An Aircraft

Laser pointers are evil, folks. That’s what our 8th grade math teacher told Bobby before he got detention for burning Susie’s cornea. That’s what our cat thinks when she chases it around the house like […]


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Peter Murphy Arrested In Glendale For Alleged DUI And Drug Possession

Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy was arrested Saturday (March 16) for an alleged DUI hit-and-run outside of Los Angeles. The British Goth rocker rear-ended a Mercedes in Glendale, CA, injuring the driver, and then fled to […]


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Dude Fears Wrath Of Girlfriend, Fakes His Kidnapping

Have you ever seen a woman simmering in silent, serial killer anger after she asked you how she looked and you said “fine?” If you’ve ever been iced out by a woman and subsequently terrified […]


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MC Hammer Arrested For Obstruction & Resisting, Is Like “U Can’t Touch This” To Cop

  Stop Hammer Time! No, seriously, Hammer, it’s time to stop. At least that’s what some cop was saying to JACK FM favorite, rapper MC Hammer, at a shopping center in Dublin, California. Hammer had […]


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John Lennon Culprit Behind Various Criminal Activities In Brazil

Love is all you need? Yeah, right. Not if you’re named John Lennon and you live in Brazil. At least four people in recent weeks with a variation on the name of the famous Beatle […]


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Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart: “Baffled” By Assault Claims

After the news of the warrant broke, Hart issued the following press statement: “I am totally baffled by a bizarre claim of assault by me coming out of Kentucky – the home of Bluegrass and a state I love dearly. Any accusation or claim of assault against me is completely false and without any basis whatsoever. I played drums on ‘Shakedown Street,’ but I never expected to be ‘The Victim or the Crime.'”


Cartoon Crackdown: Our Favorite Characters Brush With The Law

Quick raise of hands: Who here has a copy of Yogi Bear’s mug shot? We need it for our wall of fame. We have a great spot open right between Michael Jackson and Woody Harrelson. […]


Woman Too Excited Over Sister’s TV Arrest, Chants “County Law”

Hey, if we must be responsible and not do things that get us arrested than we might as well enjoy getting arrested vicariously through others, right? As a culture, we love looking at mug shots, […]


Ice-T Gets Arrested, Whines on Twitter

Don’t the cops of New York know that [lastfm]Ice-T[/lastfm] runs those streets? From his stint as a tough-as-New York-pigeon-meat detective on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and his single “Cop Killer” that blew up the […]





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