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London Gallery To Exhibit Invisible Art, People Buying Tickets With Not So Invisible Money

Sure, art is subjective. That’s respectable. One man’s paint-strewn trash is another man’s Jackson Pollock. And although the prices for such creations are often in the triple digits, we think it’s sort of awesome that […]


Larry Busacca / Getty Images For The Recording Academy

Neil Young’s New Album “Americana” Gets Artistic Treatment From Shepard Fairey

Graphic artist Shepard Fairey may have become a household name through his signature “Hope” posters for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, but Fairey’s latest collaborator is a rock legend rather than a political candidate. Fairey […]


Brit Bickel

Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011 In Los Angeles

[photogallerylink id=53907 align=left] Banksy once said, “Most art is built to last hundreds of years – it’s cast in bronze, or it’s oil on canvas. But street art has a short life-span, so it needed documented. […]


Album Art Attack

Album Art Attack! How Many Classic Covers Can You Name?

Every wonder what would happen in the spaceships from [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Boston[/lastfm] fired lasers at [lastfm link_type=”similar_artist_radio”]Pink Floyd[/lastfm]’s prism? It would probably go a-little something like this:


Photo Credit: Jack FM

Jack FM’s “Get Pumped Up” Back-To-School Playlist

[photogallerylink id=45892 align=left] It’s that time of year again. You can almost feel it in your bones. Those early morning moments when your older brother’s snot-nosed brats pick up your neighbor’s ungrateful, shrieking slobberfests… kicking, […]


Album Art You Should Tattoo On Your Body RIGHT NOW

We know your girlfriend thinks your tattoo of an album cover is pretty cool… but our tattoo was featured on an album cover back in ’77. We’d tell you which one, but your girlfriend may […]


Rock Stars You’d Trust Giving You A Tattoo

Jack FM doesn’t trust just some bum off of the street to tat up our backs… not after our last garage experience. Wheeewww, we shudder at the idea of Bertie giving us another one of […]


European Art Museum Offers $1400 Mushroom Trip As “Installation Piece”

$1400 bucks?! That dude in Venice offered us the same thing, but for the low, low price of $20 and the rest of our cheesy beany burrito! But seriously folks. If you’re going to visit the Berlin Museum for […]


About Bob Dylan’s New Art Show, Plus Photos

[lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] is most famous as a singer-songwriter, but did you know the multitalented Minnesota native is also a painter? The 69-year-old singer has been painting since the 1960s, has books of his art published […]


The “Back to the Future” Hoverboard Exists!

How many times did you watch “Back to the Future II” and think, “I can’t wait for that hoverboard to be real. I want one!” Well, guess what kids… it’s happening! Check out the deets […]