Does this model have the right stuff to come on down? (credit: CBS)

30 Finalists Chosen To Be ‘Price Is Right’ Next Male Model

LOS ANGELES ( — “The Price Is Right” has narrowed down their search to find their next male model. Hundreds applied — including men from Australia — but only few were chosen. Thirty men — […]



Happy Birthday, Willie: Willie Nelson Auditions For Role Of Gandalf In ‘The Hobbit 2’

It’s hard to believe considering how many “youthful” predicaments Willie Nelson gets into (performing with Snoop Dogg anymore?), but today the green-lovin’ country singer turned a ripe old 80-years-old. In celebration of his age, or […]


Little Brother Dance Video

[JACKed Up Video] Little Brother Sneaks Into Big Sister’s Dance Audition

These are the defining moments of every little brother’s life.


[Video] Screentest: Rare Footage Of Tom Selleck Auditioning For Indiana Jones

The only reason Selleck wasn’t cast was due to the crew constantly mistaking his mustache for Indy’s whip.


Hunt For The Duck: The Aflac Auditions

In February, we were surprised to learn that Gilbert Godfried was the voice behind the Aflac duck. Last month, we weren’t that surprised to learn that Gilbert Godfried was fired from the voice of the […]