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Bruce Springsteen VS Bruce Lee: Who’s The Bigger Boss?

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce! We still can’t decide. Our debate has raged on for days, weeks, months. Some of us refuse to eat. Others refuse to shut up. There is no end in sight. We need help… Bruce […]


IN YOUR FACE!!! Rupert Murdoch Gets Pied

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch got more than he bargained for while testifying in front of the British Parliament this morning over accusations of wide-spread phone hacking by his News Group company….he caught a pie in […]


Teenager Invents DEATH RAY!!!!

Where Wile E. Coyote, Dr. Evil and Lex Luthor all failed, teenager Eric Jacqmain has succeeded. He has invented and constructed a working DEATH RAY…Seriously, watch this harbinger of death in action….


New Beastie Boys Short Film Not Short on Stars

Tres Beasties. That’s Seth Rogen, Elijah Woods and Danny McBride as Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D for the Adam Yauch short film entitled Fight For Your Right Revisited which debuts at Sundance this week. If that […]


6 Must Have Christmas Gifts

Sweaters? Wall mounted singing fish? Gift cards to that one vegan restaurant? Pffft. Give us something we actually want. Here are 6 Christmas gift ideas you’d be crazy not to buy…..for yourself…


FINALLY. They Are Making Jet Packs

    No lie. 100% true. A company in New Zealand is developing JET PACKS for commercial sale. Screw the kids and their stupid college fund and orthodontic work. We’re soooo buying one of these…read more..


Sharktopus Gets A Release Date; You Can Finally Exhale!

In the ferocious tale of man vs. beast there is man vs. beast^2.  That is math for a beast to the second power.  A beast so horrendous that it encapsulates the traits of two killer […]


Washing Machine + Brick= AWESOME

This guy is about to put a rather large brick into an already running washing machine. What happens, is nothing short of AAAAWWWWESOME….


Nick Cave Might Rewrite ‘The Crow’, Goth Kids Almost Smile

Rumors be damned, JACK is reveling in the ruination of this perfect sunshine-y Southern California day with darkness, disaster, and pictures of [lastfm]Nick Cave[/lastfm]’s dead-ferret mustache. In fact, this is the most smiling we’ve done […]


Introducing ‘Missing Missy’ and Your New Idol, David Thorne

  So this lady loses her cat and needs a lost poster. She asks her neighbor, an art director, to whip up a missing cat poster. It seems her neighbor has a greater sense of […]