Stupid Youtube Animals

This Week In Stupid Animal Internet Videos

The internet is a beautiful and wonderful institution. So let’s use it upload videos of ours pets doing cute things!


Baby Taekwandoe Karate

[JACKed Up Video] Taekwondo Toddlers Duke It Out For Juicebox Trophy

They make it look easy, but Rocky spent a year training at Scotty and Cooper’s Day-Care Dojo before taking on Ivan Drago.


Fat Baby

Jack’s WTF Moment Of The Day: Fat Baby In A Music Video

What is this… we don’t even…


[JACKed Up News] And In Other News, Applebee’s Gets A Baby Drunk

Under the pretense that a restaurant ridden with tandem bicycles and select highlights from the 1996 Crockett Rockets football season, Mom, Dad, and little Dominic enjoyed their Applebee’s appetizer platter with smiles on their faces. […]


Man Celebrates Egyptian Revolution By Naming Firstborn ‘FACEBOOK’

Say what you will, but it has a nice ring to it. After all, our American celebrities have given some odd names to their children over the years (Apple, Kyd, Pilot Inspektor), but none of them echo with the revolutionary […]


Elton John Is A Dad! Tiny Dancer Jokes Begin

Would you believe he named his baby Tony Danza? All jokes aside, a loud and joyous Huzzah! could be heard high and low from the John estate on Christmas Day, as Elton John and husband David Furnish […]


Well Guys, Natalie Portman Is Now Off-Limits

We knew this day was coming gentleman, but did it have to come so soon?




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