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Stay Out Of The Water In ‘Piranha 3D’

Blood, mayhem, and gratuitous nudity are definitely what we can expect from the new 3D horror movie, Piranha 3D, opening in theaters everywhere today.  Based on the original low-budget Piranha from director Joe Dante, these unstoppable prehistoric creatures are back […]


Marty McFly Scheduled To Arrive Any Minute

How CRAZY is that?


The “Back to the Future” Hoverboard Exists!

How many times did you watch “Back to the Future II” and think, “I can’t wait for that hoverboard to be real. I want one!” Well, guess what kids… it’s happening! Check out the deets […]


Back to the Future? Greatest Movie Ever?

Tough call saying Back to the Future was the greatest movie ever with such classics like Wild Hogs and Dude Where’s My Car? out there but…if you click more, we’re gonna show you something that […]