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Doritos–Now In Beer & Bacon Battered Deep Fried Flavour!

Want to impress your girlfriend’s father with your excellent knowledge of politics, classic rock, and obscure sports trivia (tennis, what’s that?), but too busy trying to figure out what holiday dish you’re bringing to the […]


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Bacon Makes Anything And Everything Better, Even Shaving Cream

Here’s a question for you: what is the greatest thing in the world? The answer is simple: bacon. Yes, bacon is the greatest thing in the world. Ever. We’re not joking. Greater than the Mona […]


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Jacked Up News: Bacon/Pork Shortage Confirmed, Welcome To Doomsday

There are certain things in life that just have automatic power and wrath over you, and bacon is one of them. No matter how hard you try, your lust for bacon causes you to be a […]


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Universe Tries To Create Delicious Bacon Whiskey Via Truck Collision

You see. Dreams really do come true. The Secret was right. If you try to manifest something hard enough, it can come true. A mansion? Sure, maybe in twenty-something years. A hot wife? That’s easy. […]


Chili Four Loko- Tastes Like Crazy Alcohol Rainbow Pig

Yeah, you thought you were cool cause you stacked up on authentic Four Loko before the ban, huh?  Well, did you decide to make chili with it?  Or drink it out of a can made […]


Gentlemen, Your Cologne Awaits You – BACON

Yessir, we do smell like bacon… And yessir, we like it.