Bam Margera

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1)

Bam Margera Handcuffed In North Carolina Airport

So that’s what he’s been doing all this time? Taking out his adrenaline on airport security. This is by all means a laughing matter. The man is a self proclaimed JACKass after all, what do […]


‘Jackass 3D’: Just When You Thought Your Mind Was Scarred Enough

Take a look at the picture above. Now read the following sentence: Jackass is coming out in 3D on October 15th. How do you feel? Like bleaching your eye sockets? Cutting away the parts of your […]


Bam Margera Assaulted By 59-Year-Old Slugger!

A  new report has come out that Bam Margera was assaulted this past weekend by a 59-year-old lady wielding a baseball bat. Elizabeth Ray apparently hit Margera on the head with a baseball bat at 2am as he […]