Bank Robbery

(Photo: PETRAS MALUKAS/AFP/GettyImages)

Next Time You Rob A Bank, Leave The Kids At Home

Sometimes you just have to wonder, what the hell were those people thinking? Today we pose that question to Michelle and William Parker of Tooele, Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Parkers were […]

93.1 Jack FM–03/14/2013

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Meanwhile In Southern California: Bank Manager Kidnapped & Bomb Strapped

Patty Hearst may have turned into a bank robber herself after being kidnapped, but this unidentified woman was a straight victim. It went down like this. Two hooligans, oh so considerately kidnapped the 32-year-old bank […]


Man Stops Bank Robbery With Bear Hug

If you thought the BEAR HUG wasn’t anything to be afraid of… Then think again…