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Heroic Family Swept To Sea While Trying To Save Dog

In a story that is simultaneously heartwarming and brings a few salty tears to thee eye, a doggie was saved by most of his family, who then drowned in the midst of the heroic gesture. […]


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The Beach Boys Debut Youthful ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio’ Video: Watch

Surfers, sunshine and sexy girls – that’s the trifecta of fun presented by the Beach Boys in their new video for “That’s Why God Made The Radio.” It’s not until the last minute of the […]


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Catch A Wave: A Surf Music History Lesson In 12 Songs

There’s only so many ways to say “catch a wave.” Original surf-rockers like Dick Dale and The Ventures didn’t need lyrics to communicate their beachy message, just signature guitar riffs played with gusto. Yet when […]


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How To Ditch The Kids And Finally Enjoy Spring Break

Are you ready for Spring Break? Of course not, you’re an over-worked adult stuck in an office cubicle! That is, until the kids will be home for an entire week.


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How To Spend The Perfect Day At The Beach This Labor Day

It’s so simple, even we could do it!


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JACK-tivity of the Week!! Go Topless At Venice Beach

Sorry, but you must be 18 or older to read past this point. [photogallerylink id=45798 align=left] If you are under 18 – try going here instead. If you are over 18 – haha. You’re old. […]