(Photo credit should read PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images)

Watch A House Cat Scare A Black Bear Right Off The Porch

By Britt Bickel Whoever came up with the term ‘scaredy-cat’ for our feline pets was way off. This ordinary house cat became a hero after scaring an Alaskan black bear 10 times her size right […]


Photo: DPA/Getty Images

Watch A Bear And A Man Spook Each Other

By Britt Bickel¬† Spotting a bear in its natural habitat from a safe distance can be a wondrous sight. However, walking around your own home only to unexpectedly come face to face with a bear […]


Photo by Giuseppe Cacace//Getty Images

Meanwhile In Southern Calfornia: Bears Break Into Monrovia Home, Eat Chinese Food

Hey Boo Boo. Pass the soy sauce. Two brown bears barged their way into a Monrovia home yesterday after they sniffed out some homemade Chinese food. None of that prepackaged, MSG-laden nonsense. After he heard […]


Photo by AFP/Getty Images

Bear Cub Breaks Into House To Eat Chocolate Cake, Goldilocks Nowhere To Be Found

In a twist on the classic fairy tale, Goldilocks’ robbin’ porridge¬† gig got hijacked by a cute, not quite cuddly orphaned black bear cub in Arizona. The little bear was so hungry from not having […]


Melissa Majchrzak / NBAE via Getty Images

Bear Saves Man From Mountain Lion [CSI: Jack FM]

California’s a dangerous place. Muggings, earthquakes…bears. Although in this case, it seems as though the bears are actually helpful. CSI: Jack FM is on the case, investigating a claim where a Californian man says a […]