Beer Pong

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Watch Some Dudes Play Beer Pong In The Middle of a Blizzard [Video]

By Nadia Noir Yesterday’s East Coast blizzard was a #blizzardbust for New Yorkers, who were looking forward to wining and Netflixing in the cozy confines of their tenement apartments. Some guys decided to go next […]


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Best College Drinking Games To Get You Through the School Year

From Beer Pong to Wizard’s Staff and Quarters, we’ve got you covered.


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Beer Pong: Not Just A Dumb Game But A Breeding Ground For Bacteria

News flash: Beer pong is gross and it can make you sick. No, not from drinking too much, although that’s a serious side-effect as any co-ed knows, but because the balls used for beer pong […]


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PONG BEER, Custom Made For Beer Pong

You can thank Latrobe Brewing Company of Pennsylvania for creating a beer specially brewed for Beer Pong AKA Beirut. In other words, a watered-down beverage containing alcohol, made for bros to consume while participating in […]