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Best Summer Beers Brewed In Los Angeles

Summer and beer go together like, well, any other season and beer – it’s always a good time to drink beer, people!


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Rock God Crowd Surfs, Catches Flying Beer, Slams It, Lives Forever

Entrance to the eternal kingdom of life just got a little more difficult thanks to David Achter de Molen of the Dutch punk band John Coffey.


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Genius Dudes Invent Beer Pump That Gets Beer In Your Mouth In 2 Seconds: Watch

By Nadia Noir Monday, who needs Monday? Tuesday, it’s almost brewsday? Wednesday, let’s get weirds day? Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…time to shot gun beer in two seconds day? Yay.


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A Chicago Taco Bell Might Be Getting “Twisted Freezes” Margaritas & Coronas Soon

By Nadia Noir  This might just be post-Cinco De Mayo sadness wrapped up in a thin veil of functioning booze-a-holism, but we were excited when we saw that Taco Bell in Chicago MIGHT be getting […]


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Calif. Assembly Approves Beer And Wine At Hair Salons

SACRAMENTO (AP) — The California Assembly has approved legislation that would make it legal for hair salons and barbershops to offer customers free beer and wine. Assemblyman Tom Daly, a Democrat from Anaheim, says many […]


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Tecate Offers Mail-In Rebates For Pacquiao, Mayweather Fight

LOS ANGELES ( — The upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on Saturday is going to be the most expensive in history. The price to watch the fight from home inhigh-definition is […]


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Ben & Jerry’s Releasing Ice Cream-Flavored Beer That Tastes Like Salted Caramel Brownie

By Nadia Noir Beer floats are so 2000 and late. Ben & Jerry’s are steady progressing, going from crazy ice cream flavors, free cone day, and their newest brrr-ito, to ice-cream flavored beer. Yep. Not […]


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Best Breweries In Los Angeles

As the craft beer boom continues to explode, Los Angeles is slowly but surely proving that you don’t need to travel to Orange County and San Diego to get your SoCal hop and malt fix.


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Study: Main Ingredient Found In Beer Can Help Improve Memory

CORVALLIS, Oregon (CBS Seattle) – Beer is better for the brain than you might believe. A new study finds the frothy beverage can improve memory. A researcher at Oregon State Universtity points to a compound […]


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Rating LA Dodgers Food Concessions From First to Worst

By Jordy Altman There’s nothing more American than stuffing your face at a baseball park and Dodger Stadium is home to some of the best food vendors in America. With hundreds of concession choices, it […]