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Is The Cost Of Your Beer Going Up? Blame Hipsters

Working at Jack FM isn’t as lucrative as you would think. In fact, we don’t make a whole lot of money at all. Fine, let’s face it: if you work at Jack, chances are you’re […]

93.1 Jack FM–05/23/2013

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Now You Know: Iron Maiden Makes Beer

The English are known for their expert ability at inebriation, so it makes sense that British heavy metal gods, Iron Maiden, know how to brew up some badass beer. The musicians have teamed up with […]


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SoCal Researcher Comes Up With Cure For Drunken Stupidity

What kind of drunk are you? The aggro one? The sad one? The sleeps with everyone one? The stupid one? If you said no to the last one, don’t lie to yourself. Everyone after a […]


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Move Over Nightlight, Here’s A Beer Bottle That Lights Up

Prone to stumbling around in the dark after a long night of drinking? Stumble no more! Now you can line you hallway with illuminated beer bottles to light your way–or use the bottle as a […]


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Beer Pong: Not Just A Dumb Game But A Breeding Ground For Bacteria

News flash: Beer pong is gross and it can make you sick. No, not from drinking too much, although that’s a serious side-effect as any co-ed knows, but because the balls used for beer pong […]


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The Best Wheat Beers, Period

There exists an unfortunate movement among craft beer enthusiasts (besides awkward Brooklyn hipster dancing). In recent years, there has been no end of American zeal for the over-hopped, overpowering, high alcohol nuclear bombers that crowd […]


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Researchers Say Beer Goggles Aren’t “Real,” Your Excuses Are Invalid Sir

Sorry, dude. Next time you hook up with a 5, you can’t claim to your buddies that you thought she was a 10 under the perverted push of your new buddy Pabst Blue Ribbon. In […]


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Science Proves Why Beer Is A Gift From The Almighty

Beer. The cause and solution to all of life’s problems. Or is it? Science has brought beer lovers some satisfying facts that just seem to keep on coming. With evolution comes scientific findings that benefit […]


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Say Hello To Budweiser’s Suave New Offspring: “Black Crown”

Once upon a time, a golden amber lager made its way into the Budweiser family and it was dubbed “Black Crown.” Brewed with toasted caramel malt, the sleek bronze cousin of Budweiser will be debuted […]


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Nuts About Beer? Try New Bull Testicle Beer!

When it comes to being bold and trying new beers, the ball’s in your court. Actually, the balls are in your mouth with a new “bull testicle beer” from Wynkoop Brewing Company in Colorado called […]