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Science Proves Why Beer Is A Gift From The Almighty

Beer. The cause and solution to all of life’s problems. Or is it? Science has brought beer lovers some satisfying facts that just seem to keep on coming. With evolution comes scientific findings that benefit […]


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Say Hello To Budweiser’s Suave New Offspring: “Black Crown”

Once upon a time, a golden amber lager made its way into the Budweiser family and it was dubbed “Black Crown.” Brewed with toasted caramel malt, the sleek bronze cousin of Budweiser will be debuted […]


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Nuts About Beer? Try New Bull Testicle Beer!

When it comes to being bold and trying new beers, the ball’s in your court. Actually, the balls are in your mouth with a new “bull testicle beer” from Wynkoop Brewing Company in Colorado called […]


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Cold Season Is Coming. Scientist’s New Solution? Drink A Beer!

We don’t need no stinkin’ study. We’ve been saying this for a couple drunken decades. Beer is good for you.  And that’s what some completely unbiased researchers at Japan’s famous brewery Sapporo say too. A […]



Care For Beer, Boobs, Or Brats? JACKtoberfest Is Calling Your Name!

Have the slightest desire for beer, boobs or brats? Your wish is our command. (Aren’t all your wishes our command, after all?) It’s time for the JACKTOBERFEST at OLD WORLD HUNTINGTON BEACH! WHEN: NOW through Oct 28th every Wednesday […]


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Pour The Perfect Pint Like a Manly Man

Listen up, you really really need to stop pouring bad pints!! If you’re going to have a beer that isn’t crappy, you might as well learn how to have it right. We want to teach […]



Study: Two Beers Improve Problem Solving Skills

Beer…it is good for the soul. For those of you who doubted, or did not already know that, feast your eyes upon a bible-worthy testament of the significance of man’s best friend. As proven in […]


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Strange Brew – Top 10 Strangest Cocktails

Flavored vodka is all the rage at the moment. Bacon flavored,whipped cream flavored, pomegranate flavored… the list goes on.  These all seem tame compared to the newest flavor that is making waves among alcoholics around the world: […]


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PONG BEER, Custom Made For Beer Pong

You can thank Latrobe Brewing Company of Pennsylvania for creating a beer specially brewed for Beer Pong AKA Beirut. In other words, a watered-down beverage containing alcohol, made for bros to consume while participating in […]


Beer Prank

Woman Pranks Man By Sending Free Beer, Gives It Away To Hotter Guy

What would you do if a woman sent you a drink, then redirected it to the more attractive man who just walked in the door? Keep your cool… keep your cool…





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