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Coca-Cola Passes Over California, No Kosher For Passover Coke This Year

For those not in the know (or not Jewish), Passover starts next Monday. While Jewish people will be feasting on decadent, sacred tradition meals at the Passover seder and their youngest will be trying to […]


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Beware: Diet Soda and It’s Harmful Effects

Come on, get happy. The surgeon general conveniently lists all the harmful things tobacco can do to one’s body on every pack of cigarettes, yet still a plethora of people smoke them. It is only […]


Six of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Only two more days until Jack’s Fifth Show… All we have to do is get through today… Thursday… uhnn…. Here at the office, Thursday is close enough to Friday to be considered the weekend. While […]


Five of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Have you been keeping track? Only a couple of bands left to inspire delicious drinks. Today’s drink may or may not be a good idea. After all, it is the spawn of [lastfm]Skid Row[/lastfm].


Four of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Tuesday… getting so close to Jack’s Fifth Show we can almost taste it! Actually, we take that back- you can’t taste weekdays. We made that up. One of our interns just tried to eat her date calendar, […]


BONUS of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Well ladies and gentlemen, we made it to Monday. If you celebrate this miracle like we do here at the office, then you realize that making it to Monday is almost as exciting as hearing […]


Two of Seven: Specialty Drinks for Jack’s Fifth Show

Jack’s Fifth Show is less than two weeks away! We would have posted this yesterday, but we had too many Goodnight Rangers at the Labor Day Party… Today, we present a cocktail to be celebrated […]