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Governors Ball 2014: A Chat About What Worked and What Didn’t

Here’s to Jenny Lewis’ rainbow/beige pant-suit, Neko Case’s skeleton pants, the Kills’ leopard-print backdrop, Ezra Koenig’s camo shorts, and Janelle always giving us shivers when she sings ‘Given ‘Em What They Love.’


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Watch Bill Murray Crash A Bachelor Party

By Nadia Noir Imagine this scenario. It’s the night before your wedding. Your best friends are waiting until you hot cop stripper shows up or you’re drinking to excess because, hello, you are about to […]


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#MCM: Bill Murray Is The Sort Of Dude We’d Want To Do Karaoke With

By Nadia Noir If chicks can have girl crushes on babes they admire with shiny hair and perfect gams, we think it’s totally acceptable for dudes to have massive man crushes. Our first major man […]


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USC Student Launches ‘Bill Murray Appreciation Day’

Love Bill Murray? Well, who doesnt! If you don’t, please talk to the hand, my dear sir. One USC student loves the quirky actor so much that he’s taken it upon himself to create Bill […]


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Official Groundhog Day History According To JACK FM

Groundhog day is one of America’s Top 17 Most Important Holiday’s, and it’s important to know the History.


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Bill Murray Literally Shreds Latest Ghostbusters 3 Script

Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd have been working hard on a script for Ghostbusters 3. They’ve even been sending script updates to Bill Murray, who has script approval if he’s going to be in the […]


[Video] Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day Transforms Into Beautiful Music

YouTube user HomeStarRunnerTron is worried today. Like most of us, he too wonders whether or not we’ll have six more weeks of winter. However, unlike the rest of us, he has kept himself busy by mishmashmixing the entire […]


Bill Murray Regrets ‘Garfield’ as Much as We Do

When we think of Bill Murray we think “comedic genius,” “indie icon,” “sardonic superstar”; we don’t really think “fat,” “fluffy,” “lasagna-scarfing cat.” So when Murray voiced the role of Garfield in the CGI children’s film […]


Clapton’s ‘Crossroads Guitar Festival’ Features Legendary Stars

Over the weekend [lastfm]Eric Clapton[/lastfm]‘s annual Crossroads Guitar Festival took place in Bridgeview, Illinois, and never was a festival name more accurately titled than this one. Many of music history’s hottest guitar players performed, plus […]



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