(Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images)

Passengers Applaud When Allegedly Drunk Man Jumps From Catalina Express Boat

AVALON ( — Things got crazy on a boat at Catalina Sunday. Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man after he jumped from the second level of a Catalina Express Boat. Passengers said Edward Orta was drunk […]


Photo by Alain Jocard//Getty Images

$1 Million In Marijuana Found Near Vandenberg Air Force Base

Remember back in the ’80s and early ’90s when lackadaisical beach combing for random coins and missing jewelry and Grandma’s teeth was all the rage? Now imagine if you found a million dollars worth of […]



Veteran Fisherman Bill Dance Presents His Fishing Fails And Bloopers

Ain’t nothin’ better’n a coupl’a guys spendin’ the day fishin’ away. Unless you can’t catch nothin’ but a streak o’ bad luck.