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Man Breaks In To Hang Christmas Lights, Realizes It’s Not His Home

Christmas comes but once a year! Hope you’re on parole. In the small town of Vandalia, OH, one family was shocked to find their halls decked and their ornaments hung in early November. It seemed […]


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[JACKed Up News] Set Of Keys Lost At Birmingham Prison. No Need To Panic….Yet!

Since Halloween is just days away, in case you get a “Trick-or-Treat” from anyone in an inmate Birmingham Prison outfit, please don’t offer them any candy. Every lock at the Birmingham Prison, London must now […]


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The Best FALL Fail Videos Of All Time

Fall isn’t a season. It’s what you did when we tied your shoelaces together. Check out the latest videos of ladies flailing, men falling, and even a slipping Santa or two. After all, the bigger […]


Pole Vault Fail

Pole Vault? More Like Pole Break! Awww Snap! [VIDEO]

Or maybe he’s just a really bad pole dancer?


[Video] Motivational Speaker Fails To Break A Board Over His Head

That title pretty much sums up this entire video… Meet Josh, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker from Huntington Beach. He has some great things to tell us about trails, tribulations, and never giving up. Most importantly, […]