Bret Michaels

Video Clips of 10 Music Artists Falling On Stage

There’s something about a person falling on their rump roast that is so entertaining — that’s why we’ve compiled a list of videos of people doing just that. What can we say, we love people. […]


Bret Michaels Busted for Drugs! Well, Kinda

Here’s a question: you’re driving in Indiana when a cop pulls you over due to extinguished tag lights. They find drugs. What do you think will happen next?


Bret Michaels: “I Feel Really Good”

As we told you last month, ex-[lastfm]Poison[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] is out on the road again, such a short time after a “minor” stroke and the discovery of a hole in his heart. Yes, a […]


Bret Michaels Healed By The Power Of Music

In true rock form, [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] didn’t let a couple of health issues stop him from making sweet, beautiful music to the world.  In fact, when some people would take some time off to rest off […]


Video: Miley Cyrus Duets with Bret Michaels on ‘Good Morning America’

Earlier this morning [lastfm]Posion[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm] teamed up with Disney teen star [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] for a live duet performance of the rock band’s hit, ’80s single “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on Good Morning […]


Bret Michaels Resumes Tour Post-Medical Emergencies

Evidentially, performing on national television just weeks after cheating death by beating a brain hemorrhage and a minor stroke just isn’t enough for former [lastfm]Poison[/lastfm] frontman [lastfm]Bret Michaels[/lastfm]. What’s the rock and reality star up […]


Bret Michaels Hospitalized After “Warning Stroke”

Bret Michaels is in the hospital again after experiencing a “warning stroke” earlier today, May 20, setting back his recovery from his brain hemorrhage.  Doctors also discovered the rocker has a hole in his heart, but both […]


Sharon Osbourne Gets The Axe From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Another Celebrity Apprentice bites the dust! This week on the show, professional shill Donald Trump gave Sharon Osbourne the golden boot.  Read on for the details…


Bret Michaels Recovering Amid Medical Setbacks

[lastfm]Bret Michaels [/lastfm]remains hospitalized in stable condition, after exhibiting symptoms of hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body which can lead to seizures.  The [lastfm]Poison[/lastfm] front man is also recovering from a subarachnoid brain […]


Bret Michaels Remains in Critical Condition

Bret Michaels remains in critical condition at a secret location after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Thursday, April 22.  According to the Bret Michaels Facebook page, the bleeding has left the 49-year old [lastfm]Poison[/lastfm] front […]