Burger King

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Burger King Giving Away Free Ice Cream Until June 8th

Free ice cream alert! We know, that you know, that we know how much people love a nice cold ice cream during one of SoCal’s red-hot summers. Seriously. With temperatures getting as high as the […]


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Burger King Releasing Low Calorie Fry Called “Satisfries”

In what we consider to be a way too early (or late) April Fool’s joke, burger Kind has annoounced that it’s coming out with a low-calorie fry for us fatass Americans called “Satisfries.” At 270-calories […]


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Burger King Will Be Offering French Fry Burger In The Fall

Ever since the dawn of drunken nights and drive-thrus, people have been shoving french fries into their burgers. The geniuses at Burger King decided to capitalize on that and have debuted a French Fry Burger. […]



This Now Exists: The Hands Free Whopper

Sometimes a headline says it all. Except, of course, when you have video. Luckily for us, Burger King has provided a video of their Hands Free Whopper Holder in action, or inaction, if you will. […]

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Burger King To Start Delivery Service In Los Angeles

Have it your way. And if your way is naked and drunk in your living room with the juice of a giant Whopper dripping onto your chest while you watch House Hunters, Burger King can […]


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Burger King’s Twitter Account Hacked By McDonalds Or Patrick Carney Or The Illuminati?

If you were like us and hiding in your heavy-curtained room all weekend watching crappy French films on Netflix, you might have missed the news that someone under the name of McDonald’s hacked into Burger […]


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Burger King Celebrating Its 55th Anniversary With 55 Cent Whoppers

Have we got a Whopper for you…and we’re not lying. If you’re tired of paying the steep, steep price of one dollar for your fast food fixes, Burger King has a once-of-a-lifetime solution starting on […]


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Steven Tyler Mouths Off In New Burger King Commercial: Watch

Steven Tyler hasn’t quite attained Gene Simmons status when it comes to branding his band, but the Aerosmith frontman has plenty of business opportunities for himself. The “American Idol” judge stars in a new Burger […]


BK Simpsons Toys Treehouse of Horror

[Playing What We Want] Burger King Revisits Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror

We prefer our Whopper with a plastic Kang and Kodos. The Simpsons 22nd annual Treehouse of Horror episode airs October 30th. While Burger King honors our favorite nuclear family with collectible kid’s meal toys, we […]


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The King is Dead! Burger King Abandons Monarchy!

Burger King, the fast food chain that typically has the shortest drive thru lines at 2 am, is (finally) shutting out their intentionally creepy mascot, The King. We’re blaming this one on you, Ronald…