Butt Dial


Florida Men Arrested After Butt-Dial To Boss Overhears Burglary Plan

Miami, Fla. (CBS MIAMI) – Two alleged thieves were arrested on felony grand theft charges after they made an accidental “butt-dial” call to their boss discussing their plans to steal and sell more than $7,000 […]


(Photo by Wang Zhao//Getty Images)

Man Arrested After Butt Dialing 9-1-1 During Drug Deal Dinner

By Jordy Altman Could have been worse – he could have Booty Called 9-1-1. Butt dials happen every day! To your mom, to your friend, to your favorite local radio station… but it should never […]



America, Stop Dialing 911 With Your Behinds

Humanity–pissing off authority figures since the dawn of time. Though, this time around, it’s their backsides that are doing the pissing off. Thanks to the common usage of cellphone, emergency response centers are being inundated […]