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Drone Carrying Three Kilos Of Crystal Meth Crashes Near Mexican Border

By Jordy Altman Hmm wonder if Vince Gilligan is considering using this story for the second season of “Better Call Saul”. In a plot so juicy it could have been on the cutting room floor […]

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House Sets Christmas Lights To The Theme Of ‘Star Wars’ [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens @kingofthekc “Star Wars” is quite possibly the biggest movie from my childhood. Despite that, I haven’t seen the entire original movie, nor will I. Call me crazy, call me the anti-nerd, call me […]


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What Is The Signature Food Of California?

By Nadia Noir If you ever want to take a culinary tour through each state, the Cooking Channel has you covered after they released a breakdown of all the signature foods of every state. A […]


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Californians Are The Most Self-Centered Social Media Users In The United States

By Nadia Noir  Here’s my overpriced car, perfect latte, expensive exercising habit, a selfie with my best friend Kim Kardashian (who shops at my favorite organic grocery store) and an inspirational quote with pictures of […]


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California Is America’s Wealthiest and Poorest State

By Jordy Altman Way to go California, you’re a financial mess. It doesn’t matter that California is the wealthiest state in America, and it also doesn’t matter that California has the most “ultra high net […]


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What Is Considered California’s “Best” Sandwich?

By Nadia Noir What is a sandwich to you? By our standards, a sandwich is a beautiful hunk of fat and protein slapped in between something chock-full of carbs. So what is considered California’s best […]


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California Hipster Gal Punched by Raging Mom in Nordstrom Rack Parking Lot

By Jordy Altman Don’t tell a Momma Bear how to raise her cub or you just might just get suckerpunched in the jaw. Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson found out the hard way after an angry mother […]


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Is California Ready To Follow Oregon, Alaska, D.C. And Legalize Marijuana?

LOS ANGELES ( — Election night results across the country have fired up California’ debate over recreational pot use. Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., approved the legalization of marijuana at the polls Tuesday and now […]


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Jack in the Box Giving Away Free Croissant-Donuts on Halloween To Select Locations

By Nadia Noir Croissant donuts are the newest trend of butter on butter on fat on fat and like Icona Pop screams over and over again..”We love it!” In honor of the most sugar-laden holiday of […]


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Guess Which Job Is Most Unique To California

By Nadia Noir Starry-eyed Middle Americans making their way to Los Angeles to become the next Brangelina aren’t alone, but they are unique. According to a survey done by Mental Floss and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, […]




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